Our wigs are made using some of the best Virgin human hair. This will require sufficient maintenance to ensure the hair lasts as long as it should to ensure its desired longevity is achieved.


    • Ensure you brush your wig gently and carefully to avoid excessive and unnecessary hair damage caused by reckless brushing of hair. Avoid using narrow tooth combs which will tear the hair apart, detangle your wig from the bottom to the top so it’s fully detangled.


    • Ensure your wig is washed under cool water with shampoo until water is clear, DO NOT twist or wrung the hair to ensure excess is removed while washing. Ensure wig is then dried using towel for excess and hair dryer in cold air mode, either that or let it dry naturally. Do not use heat to blow dry a wet wig.


    • After wig has dried place it on a wig stand to avoid kinks, crimps and any other textual change.


    • Avoid over bleaching, use suitable products that are known to bleach knots, as chemicals that are not known to bleach knots may mean overuse of chemicals. As Cassandra uses only high quality human hair pieces, this tends to mean the easier it is to bleach which ensures no double processing is required.


    • Do not use cream or liquid foundation on lace. This mixes with your lace products, i.e glue and often creates FLASHBACK/buildup & gunk. Lace tint is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and helps to eliminate that.


     Best products for Curly Hair:

    • We know curly hair can sometimes be a bit of a hassle, we've included some of the best products below which ensure your curls stay healthier for longer.

    L'Oreal Serie Expert Curl Expression Clarifying Shampoo 300ml:

    •  The Loreal shampoo helps ensure the hair on the wig is really soft especially pertaining to detangling hair. 

    L'Oréal Professionnel Leave-In-Moisturiser, With Heat Protection 200ml:

    • The long lasting intensive leave in moisturiser helps ensure defined curls together when used with a denman brush

    L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Curl Expression Curl Activating Jelly For Curly to Coliy Hair 250ml

    • Apply activating jelly after wig has been washed and simultaneously brush it. When dry It helps activates curls and coils for more definition so when dried it's natural state appears much more curly.


    We hope you enjoyed and that these haircare tips could be of great use for you!





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