Black Bodywave HD Lace ‘Keziah’ Wig Unit
Experience flawless beauty with our stunning Keziah bodywave wig featuring HD lace for seamless installation and captivating bodywaves that enhance every curl. Elevate your style effortlessly with this exquisite masterpiece with the option to be worn be worn glueless. This unit...
from £200.00
Black Bohemian Jerry Curls ‘Beatrice’ Wig Unit
Our Bohemian Jerry curl unit truly is unique. Our Bohemian curls offer a tighter curl pattern for those who want bouncy curls. This hair is also very versatile like all of our other hairs and has proven to be able to...
from £250.00
Black Caramel Balayage ‘ATHALIA’ Closure Unit
Introducing our Athalia unit. Indulge in effortless beauty with our stunning closure wig unit. Naturally bouncy curls and feautures of balayage , it promises seamless elegance for any occasion.
from £195.00
Black Closure ‘Bithiah’ Flagship Wig Unit
Less hassle, less maintenance. Our artisans have prepared one of the finest wigs in Bithiah. This unit is fully customised custom made glueless closure comes pre-cut so can be worn straight from the box, paired with our Film HD Lace...
from £350.00
Blonde & Burgandy Skunk Stripe 'Delilah' Wig Unit
Introducing `Delilah’ our stunning wig features a rich burgundy base with bold blonde stripes at both edges, creating a dynamic, eye-catching look. Its natural texture and seamless colour blend offer an effortlessly stylish wig look, perfect for elevating your fashion...
Body Wavy Straight Tape-in Hair Extensions
Bodywave tape extensions offer voluminous, natural-looking waves that seamlessly blend with your hair. They're efficient due to their easy application, secure fit, and reusable design, providing a long-lasting, glamorous look. Up to 3 Tape-Ins (150 grams) required for a natural...
Bohemian Jerry Curls Full Frontal Wig Unit
Experience effortless elegance with our beautiful curly full frontal wig unit. Crafted from premium, natural-looking hair, it offers flawless coverage, versatile styling, and a stunningly voluminous curl pattern.  As it’s a full frontal this can be parted as a 13x6...
Bright Burgandy ‘SIENNA’ Wig Unit
SIENNA radiates a fiery vibrance, making a bold fashion statement. Its rich, intense color and silky texture exude confidence and allure, perfect for turning heads and adding a dramatic flair to any look.  
Burgundy Straight Tape-in Hair extensions
Illuminate your style with our fiery burgundy tape-in extensions. These vibrant extensions are full, thick, and designed to add a bold splash of color. Perfect for anyone seeking a striking and dynamic look, they offer an exceptional option for a...
Cambodian Jet Black Deep Wave Wig Unit
The Cambodian jet black deep wave wig is a luxurious choice for those seeking stunning, defined curls with a rich, glossy colour. The glueless design ensures easy application and a secure, comfortable fit, making it perfect for everyday wear or...
from £300.00
Chocolate-Ginger Bodywave ‘JOSEPHINE’ Wig Unit
Transform your look with our luxurious chocolate ginger bodywave wig unit. Pre- coloured and crafted to perfection, this full frontal wig boasts exquisite curls that enhance your beauty effortlessly. As it’s a full frontal this can be parted as a...
Deepwave Red ‘Seraphina’ Wig Unit (Full Frontal)
Hot, intense and bold is everything this ‘Seraphina’ wig unit will give, illuminating everywhere you go. This custom deep wave red wig, features a full frontal design, offers versatility and deep part style for the user. Its vibrant red hue adds...
from £375.00
Our flagship Cassandra-Amara units are our best yet. Comes pre-plucked, pre-bleached with HD lace. Ultra thin lace that leads to a seamless melt each and every time. Very soft, no shedding and no tangles so be rest assured your unit...
Sold Out
Highlighted Honey Blend `Gabriella’ Wig Unit
Highlighted Goodness. An array of colours blended stupendously well by hand, thus ensuring a seamless blend that effortlessly enhances your beauty, to make Gabriella. This wig embodies the essence of Luxury and sophistication and will make a perfect choice. -...
from £375.00
Honey Blend Tape-in Hair extensions
Experience stunning transformation with our honey tape-in hair extensions. True to length full and thick, these extensions promise a natural, voluminous look. The beautiful highlights add a touch of radiance if you want to add one pack for that little...
from £275.00
Honey Blonde Balayage "Sapphira" Wig Unit
Our handmade balayage piano coloured ‘Sapphira’ unit has been under hours of balayage colouring to ensure the perfect wig! Silky, flowing and full, this virgin hair wig is paired with our thin lace with invisible knots l will lead to a...
from £250.00
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